About Talia

I am TALIA SENSUEL (pronounced Senswell) and I write EROTICA.

This is something that I have done for a long time, for my own amusement and that of my 'man of the moment.'

Recently someone suggested to me that I may want to consider publishing some of them, so here I am doing just that.

Not as easy to achieve as some make out because I find I have to provide an on line presence to do so and I have not a technical bone in my body.  But hey, summer days are drawing in and so instead of lounging around, I can set myself a project to work at. 

Most of my stories are based on real life experiences, but some of them do come from the depths of my imagination and fantasies.

Because I am a very sexual person, who, in the past has worked in the sex industry,  I have many stories to tell.

I do write to please myself, but of course I want my readers and followers to have a satisfying experience that will stay with them for a long time.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world extensively and have had many adventures in the most unlikely of places.

My writing does tend to lean towards M/F and M/M/F, because this is what I know.  I do have F/F experience, but as of yet have not felt compelled to write about it in a stand alone way, although it does present itself in passing.

Previously married to a French man who has buggered off, I now live in the Mediterranean with my dog, two cats and an assortment of passing through friends.

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