Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Have Sinned

“Forgive me. For I have sinned.”

Trinity knelt before The Master. Her head hung in shame.

“An atrocity wench. That is what it is. You bring outside attention to this house and to your Master with your foolhardiness. Have you no respect?”

A small whimper escaped her lips and she bit down hard on her tongue to stop herself from crying.

“Speak.” Count Lennoxia bellowed the word at her. “Why have you bought this waif into my house?”

“For your pleasure Master. Only for your pleasure.”

“But I take my pleasure from you wench. I choose my source. You do not undermine me. Rise now.”

She did as bid and faced her Master. His eyes bore into her. Penetrating her very soul.

“Now take up your position on the settle, for I want to see if this waif will pleasure you in the way that I do. You bought her here and she will administer to you. Not me.”

Trinity placed her arms along the back of the uncomfortable piece of furniture and parted her knees slightly.

“Wider bitch. Wider.” The Count turned to the apparition and smiled.

“Do your worst sister. Show no mercy.”

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