Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Horny Hump Day - 5 September

Well having failed miserably last week, let's see if I can titillate you today with three sentences from one of three new WIPs.

Should you fancy taking a look at the other contributions, or even popping in yourself with something of your own, then you need to go HERE.

This is from A Fine Gold Chain - (working title)

She was a girl of morals but she would willingly lay down on the sun lounger and open herself up for him in a split second, should he ask.

But no, he wouldn't, because Tobias Winter had a much more subtle way of playing this game, and he enjoyed every second of it.

She realised he was studying her and placing her glass down she turned her head slightly to gaze at swimmers in the shimmering pool.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Have Sinned

“Forgive me. For I have sinned.”

Trinity knelt before The Master. Her head hung in shame.

“An atrocity wench. That is what it is. You bring outside attention to this house and to your Master with your foolhardiness. Have you no respect?”

A small whimper escaped her lips and she bit down hard on her tongue to stop herself from crying.

“Speak.” Count Lennoxia bellowed the word at her. “Why have you bought this waif into my house?”

“For your pleasure Master. Only for your pleasure.”

“But I take my pleasure from you wench. I choose my source. You do not undermine me. Rise now.”

She did as bid and faced her Master. His eyes bore into her. Penetrating her very soul.

“Now take up your position on the settle, for I want to see if this waif will pleasure you in the way that I do. You bought her here and she will administer to you. Not me.”

Trinity placed her arms along the back of the uncomfortable piece of furniture and parted her knees slightly.

“Wider bitch. Wider.” The Count turned to the apparition and smiled.

“Do your worst sister. Show no mercy.”

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Twelve Sentence Saturday..

Not sure if I have toddled along in time for this but if I have - then I hope to be a regular contributor..

You can find Twelve Sentence Saturday HERE, together with the links to other participants.

My first twelve come from WIP 'The Husband and the House.'

When Eloise and David Blackwell face financial difficulty, he hits on the perfect solution to their troubles. For him at least.

Much against her better judgement Eloise goes along with him and when their first customer knocks on the door, she thinks she is ready. Yes ready, but terrified.

Never a sexual person, this quiet suburban women is going to find herself slipping into a role that she would never have imagined. Ever.

He was prepared to pimp his wife out, and in her heart of hearts, she knew the whole thing was a massive turn on for him. But she would to it, until they were out of this financial shit and then she would be giving some serious consideration to her life and the choices she had made.

You won't regret it darling, really you won't. You know I've done all the research and it won't take long to get us back on track. Once we sit down and go through the replies, there are fifty so far, we can sort the serious ones out, and you can decide how often you want to do it. The more you do the quicker the whole thing can be over.”

Fifty! For fucks sake David if you think I am going to shag all of them then you have another think coming.”

She gulped back her wine and poured herself another, larger glass full.

He came around the table and stood behind her, sliding his hand down the neck line of her tee shirt to cup her breast. His thumb flicked her nipple.

Come upstairs baby and let's put the whole thing out of our minds for now. Let me show you some real loving and you'll realise how worth it it's going to be.”

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Lordy I bet you are all mighty fed up with me by now.

I think I have tried out every free application available and here I am back at Blogger.  Let's just keep everything crossed that it stays here this time.

Have taken the decision to keep it as simple as possible because depending on how well these first three books do, I will hand over the website and blogging side of things to someone else and happily pay them to do it all.  Though having said that I will keep this blog because in a very short while I have interacted with some really special people and I want to keep doing that.

I am going to take some wine and go for a swim now and watch the sun go down.

Thanks peeps for being there - You know who you are..